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Oh Pretty Woman

Oh Pretty Woman

album: Timeline


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Al Brassell
About Us Al Brassell

Al Brassell (Guitarist/Vocalist) is a "One-Man Band" who performs w/ the enhancement of Backing Music Tracks all around the Southeast. His repertoire covers 50's - 90's Classic Rock/Country hits!

His early attempts at playing guitar at the age of 14 produced some very humbling results. Practice paid off because it was not long before people would ask him to their parties and invite him to play along. The Cajun culture encourages a blending of the old and new, so it was natural for a 14 year old guitarist to be playing music with an 80 year old fiddler. Cajun parties often last for days among close family and friends, and there is always music. These gatherings allowed him to get much needed practice, and he definitely learned a lot. He discovered when people like your music they will take special care to see you are well fed and always have a full glass. Also,he soon became aware it was possible to make a living playing music!

His first professional gig came about when a band he hung around with lost a guitar player while playing at a venue in Panama City,Florida. He was hired to help them fulfill the terms of their contract for a 5-piece band until a replacement could be found. He did not actually play,only pretended to play. The audience never knew the difference. Weeks went by without the band leader finding a suitable replacement. By that time,he had learned a few of their songs and was allowed to turn up his amp and play along with them. Finally, after a few more weeks,his skills increased to the point they quit looking for another guitar player. He joined the band and went with them on their next series of gigs. He attained the status of professional musician & has been one ever since.
Al's hope is that one day your paths will cross so he can play some music for you...

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