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Beach Chair

Beach Chair

album: Lonely Highway

genre: Country

streams: 27

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08/04/19 08:33:33AM @galleonrocks:
Is this an original song of yours? I like it. It has the potential for success in today's modern country market. Keep up the good work!
08/11/19 08:40:24PM @admin:
yes this is a original song
08/13/19 08:58:50AM @galleonrocks:
I'm happy about that. A lot of the bands on this website seem to be doing all cover material, and I'm glad to find a band here that's making music of its own. The future of music lies with making new songs and not just re-hashing the old ones, good as they may be. Keep writing and keep rocking on!
Lonely Highway
About Us Lonely Highway

Lonely Highway

Is a Country Rock Band from Jacksonville, FL

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